Collections of the Institute

At the Erich Fromm Institute Tuebingen, the following collections are accessible (while their bibliographical data is available via the document server):

  • Fromm’s reference library, which he handed down to Rainer Funk (ca. 3,000 books with some 18,000 single titles in total)

  • a collection of 1,200 offprints, brochures, Xerox copies, and typescripts of other authors

  • some 850 excerpts and quotations by Fromm and another 100 drafts, 320 typescripts, and 40 proofs referring to publications by Fromm (all excerpts can be downloaded here)
  • a small collection of 60 unpublished papers by Erich Fromm

  • about 9,000 titles (books and copies) of secondary literature about Fromm (many can be downloaded from the document server ordered as PDF)

  • all published writings by Erich Fromm in all known translations and editions (from some 5,000 in total, around 1,500 titles are available at present)

  • about 120 audio and video tapes or files by and with Erich Fromm

  • replications of the Fromm collection at the New York Public Library

  • a selection of photos and documents concerning Fromm’s life and work

  • the publications of the International Erich Fromm Society (yearbook, German and English editions of Fromm Forum, book publications)

  • documentation of events and publications organized by the International Erich Fromm Society