Works of Erich Fromm

In Works, you can find directories of Fromm’s writings and information about translations, the number of copies, and copyrights, as well as an Erich Fromm glossary that defines the most important terms in his own words.

The Index of Original Writings lists all of Fromm’s writings in the language and location of their first publication in a sortable table. Each writing has an ID with the year of first publication.

In the E-Book directory, it is indicated via hyperlink whether a title is available as an e-book. Those marked in yellow are available as a free download.

So far, the Collective Works of Erich Fromm, with editorial notes and an index, published in 1999 in 12 volumes by the publishing houses DVA and dtv in Munich, are only available in German. The directory lists all of Fromm’s writings contained therein. Since the print edition is currently no longer available, hyperlinks to the corresponding e-book editions on OPEN PUBLISHING (Munich) are provided. The 12 volumes are also available as one e-book.

The Translations table shows which of Erich Fromm’s titles have been translated and specifies which languages are available (so far).

The table of Copyright Holders provides information on who holds the copyright for the translations, how many translations of each title exist to date, and estimates the number of copies of each book title.

The Glossary provides access to definitional paraphrases of Erich Fromm for 150 basic terms of his thought, each in English and German.

Document Server

For detailed information about all writings by Fromm, including titles, editions and translations, kind of writing and kind of publication, and availability in print or digital format, use the Document Server (offered on an external website).