Writings of Erich Fromm

Most of the fifty book titles published by Erich Fromm or appearing posthumously, are still available in the original English or German versions. Many writings have also been published in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. The most important books one can read in Russian, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Hebrew, Serbocroatic and now also in Arabic, Chinese and other translations.

  • For detailed information about all writings by Fromm, their titles, editions and translations, kind of writing and kind of publication, availability and downloading use the Document Server  (offered on an external website)
  • Some 150 of the most important terms and concepts developed by Fromm are defined in the Glossary in Fromm’s own words. The quotations (in English and German) are verified and the reader may copy it
  • Readers who prefer to read books by using electronic media will find many of the English originals of Fromm’s books as e-books with OPEN ROAD MEDIA