Supported by the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG), a comprehensive digital collection of videos and audios by, with, and about Erich Fromm has been created at the Erich Fromm Institute Tuebingen. It currently includes about 850 videos and audios.

  • The heart of the collection is the collection of audios and videos of Erich Fromm’s lectures in English and German between 1952 and 1980 (approx. 125). A large part of these audios and videos is also accessible on YouTube. Details can be found in the Downloads and Media menu of this website

  • Audio and video contributions about Erich Fromm (lectures, features, broadcast contributions) are also documented in large numbers (approx. 170 recordings)

  • A large section are the audios and videos of the events of the International Erich Fromm Society: recordings of the Erich Fromm Award ceremonies since 2006 as well as of annual conferences. These two categories alone currently include 175 and 215 documents, respectively

  • Finally, there are teaching and learning videos that provide an introduction to the most important theories and concepts of Erich Fromm’s thinking. They are usually produced in the context of courses at the Erich Fromm Institute in Tübingen and at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) in Berlin

All contributions of the Erich Fromm Institute’s Media Library that are generally accessible are included on this website in the menu Downloads and Media.