A personality―or an organization―is a system. That is to say it’s not just a sum total of many parts but it is a structure. If one part of the structure is changed it touches upon all other parts. The structure in itself has a cohesion to retain its structure, it tends to reject changes because this structure itself tends to retain itself.

If one makes in this structure small changes it doesn’t change much. (…)If you try to make little changes you will soon find that after a while these new changes disappear, that nothing has really changed. Only a very basic transformation of your personality system will in the long run produce a change. That would comprise your thinking, your acting, your feeling, your moving, everything. And even one step which is integrated, which is total, is more effective than ten steps which are only in one direction. You see the very same thing in social change where also one change never produces a lasting effect. ― (1991d [1974]: Therapeutic Aspects of Psychoanalysis, in: E. Fromm, The Art of Listening, New York (The Continuum Publishing Corporation) 1994, pp. 68f.)