matriarchy vs. patrarchy; patrarchy vs. matriarchy

Whether a matriarchal or patriarchal system is better is hard to say. In fact, I think the question in this form is wrong because you might say that the matriarchal system emphasizes the elements of natural ties, of natural equality, of love; and the patriarchal system then emphasizes the elements of civilization, of thought, of the state, of invention and industries and, in many ways, of progress, in comparison with the old matriarchal culture.

The aim of mankind must be not to have any kind of hierarchy, either matriarchal or patriarchal. We must come to a situation in which the sexes relate to each other without any attempt to dominate. Only in that way can they develop their real differences, their real polarity. It is important to recognize that our cultural system is not, even though it seems so, the fulfillment of this goal. It is the end of patriarchal domination, but it is not yet a system in which the two sexes meet each other as equals.― (1951b: Man – Woman, in: M.M. Hughes (Ed.): The People in Your Life: Psychiatry and Personal Relations, New York (Alfred A. Knopf) 1951, pp. 20f.)