„Idology,” the science of idols must show the nature of idols and of idolatry, and it must identify the various idols as they have been worshiped during man’s history up to, and including, the present time. Once idols were animals, trees, stars, figures of men and women. They were called Baal or Astarte and known by thousands of other names. Today they are called honor, flag, state, mother, family, fame, production, consumption, and many other names. But because the official object of worship is God, the idols of today are not recognized for what they are―the real objects of man’s worship. Hence we need an „idology“ that would examine the effective idols of any given period, the kind of worship they have been offered, the sacrifices man has brought them, how they have been syncretized with the worship of God, and how God himself has become one of the idols―in fact, often the highest idol who gives his blessing to the others. Is there really as much difference as we think between the Aztec human sacrifices to their gods and the modern human sacrifices in war to the idols of nationalism and the sovereign state. ― (1966a: You Shall Be as Gods. A Radical Interpretation of the Old Testament and Its Tradition, New York (Holt, Rinehart and Winston) 1966, pp. 47f.)