Erich Fromm Foundation (EFS)

The engineer and inventor Karl Schlecht, who pioneered the technology for concrete pumps, has not only built up a global company but is also at the same time a major force in promoting the thought of Erich Fromm. Thanks to him and Karl Schlecht Non-Profit Foundation (KGS), as well as to Fromm’s literary executor Rainer Funk, the Erich Fromm Institute Tuebingen could be stabled in summer 2014. Together they founded the charitable Erich Fromm Stiftung (EFS) in order to give the Erich Fromm Institute Tuebingen (EFIT) the financial resources. With their effort the Institute’s collections are permanently accessible to scholars and to the public. The Erich Fromm Foundation is managed by Rainer Funk.

At its yearly meeting the Advisory Board of the Erich Fromm Foundation decided the following financial promotions:

  • Subsidy to printing costs: for a publisher’s publication of dissertations and equivalent papers which were done to promote the reception and research of Erich Fromm’s scientific ideas a subsidy of 500 Euros can be granted. A maximum of three subsidies of 500 Euros will be given annually for three different projects. To apply contact Rainer Funk (address see below) with a short description of the project and a copy of the signed contract with the publisher.
  • Grants for translations of early writings by Erich Fromm from German to English: Most important German writings by the young Erich Fromm (as for instance Fromm’s dissertation of 1922) are still not available in English and therefore are often neglected in the reception of Fromm’s scientific ideas. The Erich Fromm Foundation decided to support those translations with 4000 Euros in the next years.
  • Sponsoring to collect and make accessible the Erich Fromm correspondence: In order to make the Fromm correspondence accessible for scientific research the Advisory Board of the Erich Fromm Foundation is willing to financially support a long-term project to complete the collection of letters written by Fromm resp. addressed to Fromm, to review the material and make it available for those who apply to get access for scientific reasons.

Postal address of the Erich Fromm Foundation: Gemeinnützige Erich Fromm Stiftung (EFS), c/o Dr. Rainer Funk, Ursrainer Ring 24, D-72076 Tuebingen / Germany; Phone: +49 (0)70 71-600 004; Fax: +49 (0)70 71-600 049; E-Mail: