Opening of the Erich Fromm Institute Tuebingen

InnenansichtWEBOn Friday, 30 January 2015  at 6 pm the new Erich Fromm Institute in Tuebingen opened. The opening ceremony was public and took place in the premises of the neighboringWelt Ethos Institute” (also Hintere Grabenstr. 26). The program of the opening ceremony included greetings and a contribution of  the estate and legacy of Erich Fromm by Rainer Funk. Musical accompaniment: Jochen Brusch (violin) and Alexander Reitbach (piano). A Reception and another opportunity to visit the new institute complete the opening ceremony. 

here you find some documentation of the opening:


Article of the Schwäbischen Tagblatts Tübingen about the opening  (PDF)
Interview of the Schwäbischen Tagblatts Tübingen with Rainer Funk  (PDF)
Article of the Schwäbischen Tagblatts Tübingen about the Institute  (PDF)
Schwäbisches Tagblatt Tübingen about the Erich Fromm Foundation  (PDF)
Jürgen Hardeck: Opening Speech  (PDF)
Karl Schlecht: Welcome  (PDF)
Present to Karl Schlecht  (PDF)
Flyer of the Erich Fromm Institute  (PDF)
Kulturinterview of the SWR 2 with Rainer Funk (MP3)
Video of the Opening ceremony: